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3 Ways to Make Your Pop-up Booth Pop!

A pop-up store may just be a small temporary space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers.


Here are some ways you can customise your pop-up:


  1. Modular Shelving Systems

Ever felt confined to bulky and plain-Jane tables? Then you might be in it for our freestanding shelf units. Having the flexibility to configure your own shelving racks to best suit your display needs is every retailers’ solace. Pairing them with hang and back rails not only allow for space efficiency, customising your displays will definitely catch the eye of every passer-by.


Image by MAXe


  1. Cube it up for a dynamic display

A minimalistic design to accentuate your merchandise. Stack pedestals together to vary depth and height to your displays, or customise sticker designs for a unique touch. The choices are endless!



  1. Display merchandises and styling props

We know how much your brand means to you. Take the chance to share your story with shoppers by throwing in some sentimental props. Plants and flowers are a great way to bring out the zen in your merchandise.


Opportunities to create a unique experience for your customers are limitless. We want to stay inspired too, so share with us your creative retail aspirations in our comment section below!




Feb 03, 2020



Feb 03, 2020

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