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5 Things to Help Boost Sales During Christmas

We are approaching the most festive month of the year, December! Are you just as excited as we are - for all the food, drinks and of course, SHOPPING! 

With technology, it has definitely changed how we shop. From brick and mortar shop to a swipe of the finger on our phones, this has affected retailers' sales. But fret not, here are some solutions to help cope with the festive season:

1. Holiday Displays
Who doesn't love to look at pretty things! Make sure your displays (i.e., window and in-store displays, shop layouts) can grab attention and entice people to buy. Think about the lightings (warm vs. cool tones, spotlights or fairy lights etc). Unsure where to start from, you can always seek visual merchandising expertise who will advise you what's best to work with. Additionally, curate a festive playlist to complement your display, this helps to draw customers into the store. Remember: keep it lighthearted!

Credits: Peace.Joy.Window

2. Create a Seamless Journey
Once you have decided on the outlook of the store, is time to take a look at how to maximize the space within the store. Having a space that is easy to browse and look for items makes the shopping experience more pleasant! One option will be to have wall-mounted racks, this allows you to play around with the accessories configuration to cater to your retail needs all year round. One item, multiple purposes! 

3. Bundle Discount
Well, this works best for products that complement each other! For example for fashion retailers, you can bundle a top and bottom at a discounted price than individual pricing. Alternatively, you can bundle small items to sell them in bigger quantities, for example, socks or even hangers!

Photo by Sock Club on Unsplash

4. Season-specific Merchandise
We have worked with multiple fashion labels who have rotated their display according to the season to entice customers! So why not add some glitz and glamour pieces during this Christmas season! A little glitter doesn't hurt!

5. Power of Social Media
Given that technology has become part of our daily lives, an integrated social media presence is essential to boost sales. For example, create more Christmas-centric content or share promotions online that are running in store to encourage spending. 

BONUS: Join a Pop-Up Event 
As there has been an increased amount of pop-up events, it makes more sense to join a pop-up as it is an easy way to engage new customers who are unaware of the brand. Additionally, joining a pop-up can help to shed new light on old products. Don't forget to create displays and enticing visual merchandising elements to attract customer too!

So there we have it! If you need help or have any questions, feel free to contact us! Or even share your tips with us.

Stay awesome,

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