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Hey Retailers!

It's the time of year again where shoppers hit the malls to get their festivities in check. We are here to help! Here are 3 things you should do to prepare your store for the holidays.


  1. Know what you’re going to be promoting each week

Here is what we recommend:

Dec 12 – 12/12 Flash Sale

Dec 16 – Treating yourself

Dec 23 – For your last minute gift exchange

Dec 29 – All Things New (for the new year)

So much to do, too little time? Thinking of a completely new store layout for each occasion may not be the most viable option for the time-pressed retailer. Our MAXe modular track system has by far been the most talked-about shop fitting this year. Customisable, cost efficient and durable. What’s not to like?


  1. Bag the retail experience

Don’t forget to stock up on the whole works that will make the gifting experience memorable. Paper bags, boxes, gift wrappers, paper fillers, we need them all – RM has them all. Don’t forget to stay eco-friendly!


  1. Visually merchandise your holiday store windows

Never underestimate the power of visual appeal. You just need 5 simple steps to bring out the holiday theme:

Step 1: Use elevating props to create a scene

Step 2: Add festive lights to your display. You can never overdo this!

Step 3: Less is more. Display fewer, but more special products

Step 4: Flaunt your mannequins when appropriate

Step 5: Keep track of what worked this year and carry these ideas forward to the next



Wishing you the best of luck for the holiday season, and Merry Christmas!




Feb 03, 2020



Feb 03, 2020

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