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Shoppers during the Great Singapore Sale (Source:The Drum)

For those of you who haven’t heard, the much-anticipated annual Great Singapore Sale (commonly known as GSS) is just around the corner – With so many brands on the local retail scene, how are you going to stand out from the crowd as a retailer?


Remember: From the moment someone steps into your store to the time they eave (regardless of whether they have purchased anything), tweaking your store’s design and layout makes a significant difference in attracting customers and increasing sales!


In this blogpost, Retailers’ Market brings to you five ways to increase your store traffic (and sales, of course) this GSS season – We’re confident that these tips will help you get noticed!


  1. Make a memorable monument signage

Neon Sign at A Juicery (Source:hypeandstuff)


Attracting customers begins with the first thing that they’ll notice about your store – The signage!


Having an eye-catching signage that screams your brand name would definitely make customers stop in their tracks to look at your store a little longer, or even be compelled to step in to look around.


Neon Sign at Muchachos (Source:hypeandstuff)


While many brands tend to use plain words and backings, using things like digital signages, neon lights, or graphic colors and images would definitely make your sign POP!


Even if it isn’t the best sign, as long as it attracts attention, you can totally get away with it and still get more sales. Overall, don’t be afraid to play with colors and different design concepts and have fun while creating your signage!


  1. Decorate and look different

In Good Company (Source:TimeOut)


Interior design is important for a retail store, so it’s crucial that you have a great retail design and store layout that’s easy for your customers to navigate.


Effective retail interiors help increase footfalls to your retail outlet, get them to browse through your products, and eventually encourage them to head towards the checkout!


The Farm Store (Source:TimeOut)


When a customer first steps into your store, the very first space that they enter will give them the first experience and taste of your store aesthetic and what you have to offer – So it’s important to make your storefront match your brand identity as far as possible!


Use lighting, displays, and various retail fixtures that align with your marketing and brand direction.


Power wall (Source:homeguide)


Some retail stores even create a “power wall”, or a high impact first-impression space for their products. This wall can feature items such as new or seasonal items, popular items or a place to tell your product story – It’s really up to you!

Power wall with striking colors (Source:Lonny)

Overall, using bright colors and unique arrangements will definitely grab customers attention and draw them into your store.


  1. Create a brand experience

Nike’s Basketball Trial Zone, Experiential Store in New York (Source:stores.org)


In today’s digital era, the retail landscape is undergoing revolutionary changes – with the focus on virtual reality and retail this GSS, it’s important to not just get customers to walk into your store, but to also create a memorable brand experience for them.


Themed zones in Naiise at Orchard Gateway (Source:TimeOut)


Dividing your store into thematic zones, or simply creating a clear path for your customers to walk through your store would help to enhance their shopping experience at your store!


When customers walk through the store, they’ll get maximum exposure to all your products on sale which will increase the chances of them stopping to look, and eventually make a purchase.

Supermama (Source:TimeOut)


Special themed zones or a clear path also helps to control store traffic if it gets too crowded - Don’t forget, creating an unforgettable brand experience also includes making sure that your customers are comfortable and don’t have to squeeze in your store! 


  1. Use Visual Merchandising (VM) to tell a story

Marimekko (Source: TimeOut)


How do retailers create an amazing brand experience or tell the story of their brand through pictures and visuals alone?


Some retailers arrange their products in a certain way throughout the store, and this isn’t by coincidence – they’re using VM tactics to get their products noticed and sold!


Manifesto at City Hall (Source:TimeOut)


VM can help create an overall store concept and effective store layout – It’s not just about the aesthetics, but a strategic way to attract your desired target customers and get some sales from them.


(Source:Insider Trends)


For VM, we advise you to begin with understanding the lifestyles of your target customers and going deeper into what they really want from you – only then can you figure out what products are most likely to appeal to them the most.


You could also find design inspiration online, group similar items together, to find the best way to tell your brand story and create the perfect atmosphere for your customers.


  1. Good customer service, as always



Good Customer Service (Source:AnswerHero)

The core of developing good customer relationships obviously lies with top-notch customer service – Whether it’s serving customers in your store, or handling customer feedback after the purchase, good service goes a long way in getting customers to visit your store.


Customer Service in Action (Source:Small Business Trends)


Although you don’t have to wait on your customers hand and foot, giving them some space while they’re browsing your products and not being overbearing does go a long way – Such acts help to increase their comfort level while shopping, and makes shopping at your store a relaxing experience that they can’t get enough of!


Offer help or advise when necessary, and of course, be polite and friendly to all your customers! (Yes, even the impatient or rude ones!)

The Key to Customer Loyalty (Source:A Medium Corporation)


With good customer relationship management on your part, customers will definitely keep coming back to your store and they’ll obviously be more likely to buy your products in the long run! 


After reading this article, we hope you’ll be more prepared to attract more customers to your retail store this GSS! If you have any other tips to increase traffic to your store, feel free to share it in the comments section below – We’d love to learn from you!


May the sales be ever in your favor this GSS! J


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