August 11, 2016 2 min read

A happy bunch of Visual Merchandising students from ITE College Central

What better way to learn about your course of study than to go on a field trip! Every year, the students of ITE's Visual Merchandising course visit our showroom for a day of fun and education on their prospective career paths. We talk about the retail industry and store designs, how to create experiential retail spaces while still being practical and cost effective. We had a really fun time hosting this year's batch of students future VMers and here's what went down! 

Our founder Nikki welcoming the students 

Each session started off with our founder and director, Nikki, welcoming the students with a brief on Retailers Market, Retail and VM, and their purpose in the industry. The students were also introduced to the different types of retail systems available in the market along with which works best in what sort of situation.  

"Can anyone tell me what this hanger does?"

Besides touching on retail systems, Nikki also hung out with the students at our showroom's signature hanger wall. Top hangers, bottom hangers, hangers for both tops and bottoms? There are specific hangers for trousers and skirts?! Anti-slip hangers? Yes, the range is extensive and yes, you may have a feel of them. 

So many hangers, so little time 

Next up in the program we had founder, director and mannequin expert, Alison!

Alison going through retailers' needs and mannequin selection 

Mannequins, mannequins. There're just too many to choose from! Here, Alison goes through different mannequins and body forms and why it is important to choose a good mannequin for your brand. Apart from the standard ones, the students also got to learn about fully customised mannequins, where colour, pose, hair and makeup can be changed to suit a certain style, look or brand. 

After all the mini lessons by Nikki and Alison, the students were encouraged to walk about the showroom to get some ideas and inspiration for their upcoming VM assignment. 

There were some peculiar things in the showroom that were simply irresistible!  

Catch a selfie with mega realistic mannequin? Check.

Say hi to my classmates in female mannequin's wig? Check. 


We hope that this industry visit provided useful insights for the VM students, inspired them and provided an introduction to the exciting world of retail. We shared about the industry, we discussed assignments ideas and strategies, and we bonded over some laughs. It was such a pleasure, ITE College Central! Thanks for all the love on our social media too! We'd love to catch up soon!


Dinah Athirah
Dinah Athirah

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