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With 2017 and the new school year just around the corner, I thought I'd like to walk you guys through some products that can help you organize your work spaces! Here at RM, we do not believe that a desk is just a desk. A properly-designed work space can be so much more and we'll show you just how to achieve it!

1. Metal Peg Backing Track Set with Shelves (Wall-mounted), Retailers Market

Built upon a structure of 2 X 1.8m tracks, this set-up works best if your study or work table faces a wall. The 2 tracks are mounted directly to the wall where a metal peg board and 2 shelves can be easily hooked onto the tracks. It will turn out to look something like this:

The peg backing and shelves can be adjusted along the tracks to suit your table height. After setting this up, all you have to do is to place your table in front of it like so!

Metal Peg Backing for Study

Pretty neat, ya? Here's a nifty little trick for all you craft masters out there: add hooks or peg shelves to your new peg board to hang your scissors, rulers, ribbons, tapes, and all other craft materials!

Price: $360.00 (Promotional price, ending 28th November 2016, U.P $465.00) for the above set, installation is at an additional $150.00 if required.

Purchase it here


2. Grundtal Magnetic Containers, Ikea

Ikea products provide an easy solution for organising and at affordable prices! Use these metal containers to store small stationery such as paper clips, erasers and sharpeners. Throw in some study sweets if you may. You never know when you'll be needing a little pick-me-up.

Plus point: these containers are magnetic! Conveniently attach them to any metal surface or backing. Doing this helps keep your work area neat and tidy while freeing up desk space.

Price: $7.99 for 3 containers

Get it here 


3. Acrylic Containers, Retailers Market

These acrylic containers are stackable, saving you desk space, and transparent, so you can see what's kept inside. They also look super chic and minimalist, matching any sort of colour scheme going on at your desk!

If you do have a metal backing or vertical surface on your desk, try this little DIY pencil holder! Adhere a small magnet to a side of the container with some strong glue (we recommend hot glue gun). Leave it to dry for a bit and there you'll have it, a "floating" pencil holder.

Price: $12.00

Buy it here


4. FJÄLLA Storage Box, Ikea



Ikea has really nice and simple storage boxes where you can use to store your school/work notes, extra craft materials and even toys. They look so good on top of shelves and help keep the space clean and tidy.

Price: $19.90 per box, you can get other solid coloured ones as low as $0.90 per box.

Get them here


5. Wooden Monitor Stand, Qoo10

I got this last year and they are really great! You can use them to prop up your monitor screen which helps improve posture and also helps clear up your table top space. It is actually just a simple wooden stand that you can use in many ways, easy to set up, quality is pretty average but I guess it's acceptable since its not very expensive.

You can stow your keyboard and mouse under the stand when you are not using them. Put stationery that you use often on the top and mid shelves. It really made a difference to my work desk.

Price: $17.00- $18.00

There are a few sellers that sells a variation of these stands on Qoo10. Just type <Monitor Stands> on the search bar.


6. Shine Bright Peg Lights, Typo

Since Christmas and the year-end festivities are already here, hang these cool twinkle lights around your desk to give it some Christmas-y vibes. On top of how amazing they look, these lights come with pegs so you can attach Polaroids of your favorite people to your work space! This touch of customization will look great at any other time of the year.



Price: $24.95 for a set with 20 pegs

Purchase it here


 7. Chuppon Self-watering Animal Planters- Shinnpark


Like the Shine Bright Lights, these planters doesn't exactly organise your workspace, but helps soften the look making us all happy people :) These cute little animals absorb the right amount of water for the plants to grow! 

Price: $15.90

Get it here


Yes, I know it takes some effort to be organised and to keep your work spaces perpetually neat. However, having an organised desk does have its benefits. First of all, organised desks are so pleasing to the eye! Especially when they're tastefully decorated. Don't be afraid to express yourself with a themed work space because #instaworthy. Secondly, a neat desk saves you time. A little organising goes a long way and you'll know where everything is exactly placed. Simply reach out and grab whatever you need in a sec! Third, saving time makes you a productive and efficient worker. Get all your tasks done seamlessly and effortlessly so you have more time for fun! I hope this post has given you the inspiration to revamp your work space and live the neater life. Connect with us on our Facebook and Instagram today to get the latest updates on what we're doing and thinking about!

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