RM Creates: Mini Peg Board Shelf!

One of our best selling item, the metal peg board is a popular choice for its functionality and aesthetics. If you own one of our peg boards, this one's for you! We know that our metal peg boards should come with accessories other than hooks and WE HEAR YA! We recently started designing and producing prototypes for our very own creation: The Mini Peg Board Shelf! 

Some time back, we had a customer who made his own peg board shelves using the nut and bolt method. This method meant that in order to adjust the position of the shelf, one would need to remove the entire pegboard, readjust the position of the shelves and fasten them at the back, and then hook the peg board back onto the wall. This nut and bolt way makes the shelf exceptionally firm and sturdy when used on the backing, however, it really is a troublesome process. Why couldn't it be as easy as how we remove and insert our peg hooks? We wanted to achieve a clean and simple-looking metal shelf, that could fit into any part of the peg backing from the front, without having to use any tools. 

So, we began by using existing materials to make a prototype.

From this, we progressed to make our first sample! This allowed us to test out its usability and to improve any design flaws. 

We realised that this prototype was, firstly, too thick, which made it a little too heavy to be used on our peg board. Second, the hooks that stuck out of the shelves were too long and third, we didn't like how the front of the shelf turned out to be. The bent-in portion at the front actually strengthens the shelf so it will not warp but we felt that we didn't want it looking like that.

Since we intended for the shelves to be used for lightweight products, we decided to do without such a big bend-in. So instead of having that, we flipped it upwards and reduced the overall thickness of the shelf. This front lip will prevent products from falling off the shelf and at the same time maintain strength in the structure. Here's what our metal pegboard shelf looks like so far. We intend to have them available in black and white to match the colours of our peg boards.

Yay or nay? The only reason why we've not gone ahead with full scale production yet is because of these bolts at the bottom (see below pic). We used the bolts to cover welding parts and the parts of the hooks that were sticking out. 

We've had comments from some of our customers and they were at extremes! Some said the bolts bothered them while others didn't even notice it and can't wait for us to make more. We'd love to hear your thoughts so let us know what you guys think! Comments, suggestions, design improvements, we welcome them all! Leave us a comment below or drop us a message on our Facebook page or Instagram. Looking forward to all your inputs :) 

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