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Hi readers! Retailers Market has been undertaking many residential projects recently and we've been getting questions on how to pimp out wardrobes to make them look neat, organized and obviously Instagram worthy. Here's our 7 must-haves for every walk-in wardrobe!

1. Decent identical hangers

This is very important, hence, it's top of the list. If you are going to spend money and dedicate a substantial space for a walk-in closet, you! get! nice! identical! hangers! Mixing colours and hanger types is going to kill the look of your closet. Trust me, I know it 'cause I've seen clients do it and.. no, just no.

Notice how all these Pinterest walk-in closets all have identical hangers?

2. Closet system that allows you to change configuration

In the process of planning, you can actually gauge what sort of closet configuration you require in comparison to your current wardrobe situation. Basic questions to ask yourself would be; how many rails would I need? Do I need more space for long outfits or shorts? Would I require shelves? How many? These are good things to take note of, however, your new wardrobe might not be what you imagined when your clothes are finally put in it (and that is indeed very sad). And as time goes by, you give away some clothes and buy new ones, your closet needs may change.

I shifted into my new home for a little more than a year now, and I've changed my walk-in closet configuration about 4 times. Once of which I changed just because I saw a picture on Pinterest and got "inspired".

Opting for a closet system that allows you the flexibility to change or add accessories as and when you want or even just adjusting the height of the rails and shelves makes a great deal of difference. 

3. Ventilated and well-lit closet

Do this so you can see all your apparels well and also be comfortable to stay as long as you want in your clothes haven. This is so essential in Singapore's weather. I had a mini bee ceiling fan with dual-light options (white and warm white) installed for my walk-in closet.

4. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Alright, it doesn't necessarily have to be on the wall.. But make sure you remember to cater a space or a wall in the room for a full length mirror. It doesn't have to be a very big mirror. The Ikea Minde 120cm by 40cm mirror will be sufficient. Or if you have space, you can do a 70cm width mirror. 

Credit: http://www.decoist.com

5. Mid shelves between each hanging level

For open closets, you will want to keep it as neat as possible. And if you are planning to have 2 levels of hanging space, make sure you have mid shelves in between to break the 2 sections.

Why do I need this? Simply because: you may have shirts hung on top that are longer and may cover the clothing at the bottom rail. The images below show 2-level hanging without mid-shelves and it can get a bit messy. However, if you have a budget to keep to and your closet system allows you to add mid-shelves whenever, you can do without it first and eventually add them as you go.

Credit: Pinterest

These are some photos of closet with mid-shelves. Looks a lot neater, don't they?

6. Hanger tidy

This is probably a good-to-have. With a walk-in closet, you are likely to be somebody with a lot of clothes and that means you have a lot of hangers. This is a hanger tidy:



It frees up closet space and helps you tidy your hangers for the next use. Have I just opened a whole new world of organization for you? You're welcomed :)

7. Fabric torso and accessory stands

If you have extra floor space in your closet, consider a fabric torso. It adds a soft and creative touch to the area, helps you coordinate your clothes and also acts as a "hanger" for you to drape over frequently used staple coordinates like scarfs and sling bags for convenience.

Credit: Architecture Art Design

To prop your more expensive bags nicely on your closet shelves, use handbag stands similar to those you see in retail shops. Create even more depth in your closet by using display heads to hold your headbands, hats and sunglasses!

With houses getting smaller in Singapore, it's a must that we declutter and keep only the important stuff. And by important stuff I do mean our clothes!!! Open-concept wardrobes are really great when it comes to convenience, cleaning and sharing. Keep your accessories well so that they don't go out of shape. I hope this post gave you some ideas on how to spice up your wardrobes, happy spring cleaning!

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Dinah Athirah
Dinah Athirah

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