Explore the components of our track system. We've categorised them so its easier to browse, hope you'll find what you need. Click on the second tab if this is your first time shopping for our track system and would like to find out how it works!


In here, you'll find the different track heights, wall mounted tracks, freestanding tracks, parts that make these things offset, attach to the floor and ceiling, joiners, foot and heel that makes the structure stand without mounting. Note the various lengths guys!

Shelving and brackets

We have timber shelves as well as metal ones to choose from in various depth. These will pair with straight shelf brackets, multi-angled ones as well as base brackets. For angled shelves, you can even add a shelf lip!

Hanging Accessories

Choose from baskets to step arms, waterfall arms, hangrails and hooks!


Choose from wooden peg backings to metal peg backings, plain metal ones, slotmesh, slot panels or even customise your own in ANY laminate!

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We have some ready sets to get you started!