Closet - The Committed

The Committed covers an entire L-shaped wall with ample shelving and hanging spaces. Perfect to share with your partner. Adjust the rails and shelves along the tracks to suit your needs. 

Email us at info@retailersmarket.com.sg for further information or added customisation.

——— Specifications ———

Takes up 3000mm and 1532mm wall space each.
Bays measure 1200mm - 900mm and 600mm - 900mm respectively.
Drawers not included*

Kit includes:
- x6 2360mm tracks
- x1 1200mm L x 400mm D x 30mm T shelf with bracket
- x2 900mm L x 400mm D x 30mm T shelves with brackets
- x3 600mm L x 400mm D x 30mm T shelves with brackets
- x2 1200mm hangrails
- x2 900mm hangrails
- x1 600mm hangrail

This kit is available in all black, all white, black with ply shelves, or white with ply shelves.  

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