Collapsible Salesman Clothes Rack - 1276mm W x 1685mm H x 560mm D (R1233.1)

A functional and convenient rack that collapses into two parts for easy transportation. Heavy duty castors provided give this rack extra mobility. The flat profile when the rack is collapsed makes it easy to store. 

Great for pop-ups, store merchandising, laundry rooms, costumes, photo-shoots, or as an extended closet rail. 

Add on our lightweight basket fitted for this rack's base.


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——— Specifications ———

1276mm to 1890mm wide
560mm deep
1433mm to 1673mm high

The rack can be adjusted to 3 different heights: 1433mm, 1553mm and 1673mm.

The length of the top rail is 1276mm, and can be extended at each end for a total length of 1890mm.

The rectangular base measures 1065mm width by 560mm depth.

Available in chrome finish.


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