RENT European Female Sculpted Mannequin VG1A,Ral9001,GlassSquareBase RENT1ABVAR4-1

European-Made Female Mannequin with Sculpted Features and Removable Heel/Feet

Height = 180cm
Bust     = 84cm
Waist   = 65cm
Hips     = 90cm
Heel     =10cm

Head Type: V1
Material: Polystyrene
Colour: Matte White
Base: Glass, Square

Refundable cash security deposit of $100 per mannequin is required upon collection of mannequin/ delivery of mannequin. Deposit is refunded upon return of mannequin in good condition.

Should transport be required, do select 2 way transport at the checkout page. Transport is charged at $35.00 per way.

For rental of more than 30 days or general rental enquiries, email us at!

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A new coat of paint and finish will be applied to the mannequin(s) for your purchase when you select "Buy refurbished set".

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