Study peg wall

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$360.00 $465.00

This peg backing is suitable for crafters as well as children!
Peg backing is metal where you can use hooks to hang your craft tools, string ribbons, use magnets to personalise your own photo collage.

This is also suitable for children where the study backing set can grow with your child. The peg backs as well as shelves can be adjusted along the tracks to suit to the different height of the user. 

This set includes 2 white tracks, 1 metal white peg backing, 1 Ply shelf in 400mm depth and 1 White shelf in 300mm depth. The set does not include the study table.

x1 1200mm length bays, 1800mm high

Wall length required: 1250mm
Wall height required: More than 1800mm

*Installation at an additional charge of $150.00