Specks of Gold Dust, Wallpaper


Dont you just love the subtle Gold in the design? These are great for wide walls with combination of solid furniture. It will also look beautiful as the background of narrow shelf nook.

Originate: Korea
Roll measurement: 15,600mm x 1060mm (15.6m x 1.06m)
Wall Coverage per roll: Covers approximately 4000mm to 5000mm width of wall with 2500mm straight wall height. Add the number of rolls accordingly. (Subjected to wall conditions such as wall beams, pillar etc as well as pattern repeats)

Prices stated are per roll, and includes installation.

If you have a wall height of taller than 2500mm, feel free to enquire with us at info@retailersmarket.com.sg.

Actual colour may differ from your screen devices. To see the actual sample, feel free to drop us an email and we will direct you to our partner showroom.