Synthetic Food

We used to make synthetic food props mainly for museums, tourist attraction sites and kids play; presenting how a particular dish look like at a certain historical time, or assisting to present the health benefits and content of food we consume through food presentation and also food props for kids to play with. However, in recent years, we find ourselves making them more and more for our F&B retailers.
Using synthetic food to present your menu is not something new. You see them often at the entrances of Japanese restaurants, and you find yourself staring at them before you enter the shop or looking for the presented dishes in the menu.
There is a lot more emphasis on visual presentation for the food and beverage sector in the current retail climate. It could be a giant replica of your product, or a showcase of all the different flavours you have, or a window display of your product story. The display has gone on from just showing what the menu looks like to an entire presentation of your brand story. 
Story telling is so important these days because consumers are very curious and always wanting to know more! They want to know what they are eating? What ingredients go into these cute little pastries they are consuming? Where are the ingredients from? How are they made? Are they organic? How are they put together? Kitchens have gone from the backroom to the front. You get where I'm getting at. And this is why malls encourages retailers to incorporate this right at the store design stage. The aesthetics of the shopfront or kiosk, with a dedicated showcase or shelf with proper lighting etc... How are you standing out from the immense competition in this huge F&B industry in the region?
For some of our past food props project, do refer to THIS LINK in our gallery. 
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