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Slatwall Top/Bottom Plank with 3 Inserts - Black L2400 x H400 x T18

SIZE: L2400 x H400 x T18
COLOUR: Black Laminate

White Slatwall Timber Laminate Centre Plank with 3 Inserts, combine with our Black Slatwall Centre Planks to complete the look! Add on the inserts to join the planks together.

Start and end with the Top/Bottom Panel and add as many Centre panels as required

Top/Bottom Panels have one straight edge to start or end with. Centre panels have slots on both edges to continue the display

Original aluminium inserts (3pcs) are included.

*Slots are spaced at 100mm intervals

For more information and general enquiries, email us at info@retailersmarket.com.sg!

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