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Work Space - The Solo

The Solo is the perfect start to your very own work-from-home workstation. You can adjust the desk to the height you are most comfortable with and make use of the pegboards for added desk organisation. 

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———Specifications ———

Takes up 1232mm of wall space 
Contains a 1200mm bay

Kit includes: 
- x2 1800mm tracks
- x1 1200mm L x 500mm D x 30mm T table top with bracket 
- x 1 1200mm L x 2oomm D x 30mm T shelf with bracket 
- x2 1200mm metal peg boards
- x 10 75mm peghooks

This kit is available in all black, all white, black with ply shelves, or white with ply shelves.

Scan the QR quote for a VR walk-through of the study.

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